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December 2, 2011

Case Study: Colio Wines – Girls’ Night Out Wines

by MavenSocial
Girls' Night Out Wines

Girls' Night Out Wines

Every woman loves a nice glass of fruity wine with girlfriends, right?  Even more so…every woman loves a shopping spree to Winners!  Our campaign for Colio Wines – Girls Night Out Wines combined their fruity wines with a $2,500 shopping spree to Winners.


The objective of the Colio Wines, Girl’s Night Out campaign was to produce brand awareness and introduce the new lines of fruity, fresh summer wines – perfect for an afternoon or evening gathering with the ladies.

The Contest:

Girls' Night Out Wines Shopping Spree Entrant Page

Girls' Night Out Wines Shopping Spree Entrant Page

The contest was held within Facebook and enticed ladies to enter to win a $2,500 Winners shopping spree!  I wish I could have entered that contest…but I digress.

Contest participants were able to participate in 2 ways through Facebook:

1)   Contest entrant (no additional information required)

2)   Opt-in (contact information required = we can contact later for future campaigns)

–  Ratio from visitor to opt-in: 25 = there was a 25% opt-in rate from visitors

– Total contest entrants: 9,561

Total contest opt-ins: 4,724

Campaign Demographics:

Recently, I have been blogging about the importance of women as brand influencers in social media.  The Girls’ Night Out

Girls' Night Out Campaign Demographics

campaign exemplifies how effective women are in a campaign that they feel strongly about.  Below are some of the stats:

  • The campaign consisted of 92% females, and 8% females
  • The highest participating age group was between 25-34 years of age – Interestingly, there was a consistently high participation rate across 22-64 year olds.  This tells us that there are less restrictions on the life of a campaign that is strategically organized and connects with people – conversations with your brand influencers are extremely important!
  • 83% of participants were homeowners, with an average home market value of $100,000 – $200,000.

The campaign demographics tell us that the campaign consisted of mainly women between 25-34 years of age who were probably first time home owners – this creates a pretty clear niche market picture – doesn’t it?

Visitor to Opt-in Funnel:

There is a big difference between visitors and opt-ins – let me explain.

Girls' Night Out Wines Facebook Campaign Visitor to Opt-in Funnel

Visitors are great, they visit the campaign page, and might even interact with the campaign, but one thing they fail to do is give us personal information, such as their name, and email.

An opt-in, literally ‘opts-in’ to the campaign or contest.  They share their personal information with us, giving us permission to

contact them in the future with additional campaign details or advertising.  We had 13,000+ Facebook Page visitors, with 36% of those visitors opting-in to future notifications from us!


Social Media Influencers Spider Graph - names removed for privacy reasons

Identify Campaign Social Media Influencers:

Another integral aspect of the campaign process was identifying the campaign’s social media influencers with the WhiteFire Social software used by MavenSocial.

As I’ve shared before in other blog posts, social media influencers are the 20% of your customers who actually bring 80% of the responders to every marketing program.

Influencers are a part of everyday life, including your social media marketing campaigns – it’s your choice to identify & engage them.

Campaign Results:

  • 13,000+ Facebook Page Visitors
  • 9,500 contest entrants
  • 7,178 new Facebook “Likes”
  • 4,124 new OPT-INS for future communications
  • Trackable results from traffic drivers
  • Food and Drink ad and Blogger Tasting party


Overall, the campaign was a great success.

  • Campaign results were 3 times forecast goals
  • The campaign generated numerous positive Facebook posts and interactions
  • Expanded Facebook following “Likes” and the opt-in database will provide a new and significant marketing channel moving forward
  • Campaign clearly supported and fostered the Girls Night Out brand with target audience.

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