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May 29, 2012

The Best Social Media Application For You

by MavenSocial

You might think that in order to reach your marketing goals you should be using every single social media application to your advantage. This is not necessarily what you should be doing. Choosing a social media outlet should take a large amount of consideration. You need to choose your application based on what you want to do. If you go full steam ahead and spend all of your time marketing on various different social media sites, you could waste a lot of time and money.

Remember: Time is Money.

You don’t want to put an extreme amount of effort into something that will not work.Facebook is the largest social networking application that has members from all over the world. There is an extremely large amount of daily users. It is good for businesses just starting up to get their name noticed. It’s good for companies that are already established who are trying to get a new product or service noticed. It’s good for celebrities to promote themselves and build a stronger relationship with their followers. Facebook is a good place to start with when you are looking for a social media outlet to get across your message.
Just a SecondTwitter allows people to know what you are doing at all times. People can get up-to-date information at all times about people and organizations that they find interesting. It does not have any video sharing or chat features. It is good if you want to communicate something to a wide range of people, but if you want to talk to individuals you might want to go with a different outlet. The messages also known as “tweets” only last for minutes if not seconds, so if the people you are trying to reach are not online during that time, they will miss your message completely.

Lasts for Days

Blogs such as WordPress or Blogger, publish an online personal journal with comments, information, reviews and reflections written by an individual who is usually an influencer. This type of social media outlet is good for those who want to write about a single subject or theme. Blogs are normally only visited by individuals who want to follow a certain subject such as fashion, photography, gaming reviews, movie reviews.. etc. The good thing about blogs is that your followers can sign up to receive email notifications when you post something new. If you are highly knowledgeable on one subject and appeal to a certain demographic, blogging may be the right choice. It keeps your older entries at hand so that you or your followers can find your past information fast and easy.

A Vessel

LinkedIn is a social media application that allows you to connect with professionals to share information and opportunities. LinkedIn is more or a vessel. LinkedIn allows you to connect your Twitter and blog to your LinkedIn profile.  This is a great, free way to grow exposure to your other social media outlets.

LinkedIn is excellent for companies who are hiring or for individuals looking for a job or career. This outlet is not good for advertising a company unless you want to get across that you are a great place to work, or your focus is B2B (Business to Business). You can add workplace connections and get work based reviews. There are no video, chat or photo sharing features.  LinkedIn is more or a vessel.
Identify Your Market’s Interests

Pinterest is a photo sharing application that allows people to “pin” photos of almost anything they find online that they want to share with other users. This would be good if you want to share fashion, makeup, food, or other visually stimulating products that your company offers. It will get the company’s name out there and generate some interest based on the visual qualities of your product.

Myspace losing popularity

Myspace is one of the original social networks. It has lost its popularity due to the newer social media applications such as Facebook but it continues to be utilized by the arts and entertainment industry. Myspace trumps Facebook with its ability to customize your profile and add music. Instead of clicking on a link and being led to another application like Youtube, the songs can be played right from your profile while it’s being viewed. You can also add background pictures and colours to make your profile more personal.

The Newbie

Google+ was launched in June 2011 and is one of the newest social media applications. It is much like Facebook but you can also integrate many other Google applications such as Google Buzz and Google Profiles. So far it has not reached the popularity of Facebook. I would choose Facebook over Google+ because you would get information to a larger amount of people.

Make sure you put careful thought into choosing the right applications for you. You don’t want to put a huge amount of time and money into something that does not end up helping you reach your goals. MavenSocial can help you put together marketing campaigns specifically for these social media applications and help you advertise in the right ways.

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