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May 30, 2012


Why Foursquare Is Important For Your Business

by MavenSocial

Foursquare is one of the latest social media networking sites available to mobile phone users and also one of the most valuable resources that a business jumping on the social media bandwagon can have. Foursquare allows users to check-in to the locations and venues they visit during the day and share this information with friends and their networks. Now why is this important for your business?

Simple. There is no better way of spreading the word about your business than word-of-mouth.

Foursquare creates word-of-mouth interaction through a social media context. With its two million users and over two billion checkins to date, users can see what their friends are checking in to and discover the businesses near to them all while saving some money and unlocking some cool deals. Also, your visitors can get ‘badges’ for consecutively visiting your business or related ones, creating incentive for their return.

Over 750,000 businesses have set up their own page, which is similar to a home-page on Facebook or Twitter. Through this main page, businesses can send ‘tips’ to their followers, such as special deals or incentives to visit their location. By adding the ‘save-to-foursquare’ button to the businesses’s website, users can then click the button and save the location in their to-do list so that when they are geographically close to the location, a reminder is sent straight to their phone to remind them that they should stop by.


If you are a brand in need of some marketing attention you can align yourself with a retail partner and offer special deals on your product for anyone that heads into that store. For example, if Pepsi wants to sell more of their product, they can join together with 7eleven or Walgreens and create a 2 for 1 promotion. This creates more foot traffic for the store and sells more product for Pepsi. McDonalds recently used Foursquare for a promotion which increased their checkins by 33% on the day of the promotion and the following week checkins were up by 40%!

All you need to do to get your business involved in what is to claim your listing by signing up with Foursquare online. You’ll just need to verify via telephone or mail that you are in fact the manager or owner of your location or brand and you’re all set to go.

Foursquare is important for your business because it is arguably the most real-world social media site in existence today. By using actual foot traffic at locations around your city you can promote your business to all of your visitors’ networks and create both a real life and virtual point of presence. By doing so you increase the value of your CRM and know exactly who your customers are.

And with that,


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  1. Jun 11 2012

    It’s like a real life video game. Awesome!

  2. Elizabeth
    Jun 11 2012

    Foursquare, eh?? Hmmm…it makes sense for brands, but for people to use day-to-day; don’t you feel like people can track your every movement?? It’s like willingly and actively assenting to “Big Brother”. But for businesses, it’s a great way to be “found”, so I see the significance there.


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