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May 31, 2012


As Social Media Continuously Advances, Don’t Get Left in the Dust

by MavenSocial
Many people moan and complain when told that once again Facebook will be changing their look. It seems like as soon as you get used to the new features, they go ahead and change it again. Instead of being grumbly, why don’t you think about why Facebook and other social media applications are constantly changing things up. They must do it for a reason. They don’t do it to mess with you and then laugh about it afterwards. Everything has a purpose, and I will explain to you their reasoning.
Remember MySpace? It used to be the greatest thing out there. Anyone who was anyone was on MySpace. Now, only musicians and scene kids are using it. Facebook completely took over. Why? you ask. Because Facebook had the latest and greatest, while MySpace simply stayed it’s old boring self.
Facebook keeps changing because Social Media itself keeps changing. We went from traditional marketing such as newspapers, flyers and television to digital marketing such as social networking sites and online banners. We went from sending people birthday cards in the mail to sending them a quick “Happy Birthday” post on Facebook. We went from three-way calling to a mass Facebook message. As things continue to change and grow, Facebook does not want to be left in the dust like it’s friend MySpace.

Over the years Facebook has changed to allow easy video, link and picture sharing. It has also allowed for other social media applications to be integrated such as Twitter, Pinterest and WordPress. It also has a new, more modern, more sleek design each year. If Facebook did not do this, some other social media application will come out of nowhere and take over.

So instead of being angry that everything has changed on you again, embrace the newness of it. Master it and be ahead of the game. If you want everything to stay the same, go find your old friend MySpace, who you once left behind. Facebook Over the Years:

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  1. Jun 11 2012

    I always get so frustrated when Facebook changes their layout. Now that I know more about why they do it, I welcome the change.


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