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Social Media Analytics with MavenSocial

What are social media analytics?  How can they help your company reach your consumers and disseminate positive brand awareness?  Read more »


The Social Side of ROI

When a company invests in something to help promote business, whether it is an advertisement, coupons, contests, or any other form of self-promotion, it is in the company’s best interest to understand which promotion works best. Read more »


Social Media – A Catalyst for Change

Last week I downloaded the book We First by Simon Mainwaring, and have been inspired by his writing! Mainwaring talks about the current Capitalist system, and how it is an archaic, eroding system.  This system must be changed, according to Mainwaring, if we are to learn from the lessons that the “Great Recession” has tried to teach us about the shortcomings of North American Capitalism.  Basically, “We First” is the opposite of the Capitalist “Me First” mentality.  Where I find Mainwaring’s philosophy interesting is the intersection of a new economic and fiscally responsible governing system, and the power of social media to help enact this change.

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Are expanded tweets really an asset?  I thought that short and sweet in 140 characters was the charm of Twitter?


As we reported on Wednesday, Twitter is in the process of rolling out what it calls “expanded tweets,” a new feature on both the web and mobile version that shows additional content for certain publishers and services, such as the New York Times and ABC News. In some ways, this could be seen as a lifeline for media companies, as my GigaOM colleague David Meyer argues, since it theoretically exposes their content to more potential readers — but at the same time, Twitter is clearly trying to use that content to keep more people inside its apps and on its site. As with Facebook and Google News, the new feature could be both a benefit for media companies and potential competition in the battle for users’ attention.

The feature, which is only available to some Twitter users right now, is actually an extension of something the company first launched…

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Free Webinar: How to Make Paid, Earned, and Owned Media Work for You!

This month MavenSocial is having a webinar on How to Make Paid, Earned, and Owned Media Work for You!

Please join us on Tuesday, June 26 at 11:00am EDTto learn more about how these three types of media can exceedingly

MavenSocial Webinar on Paid, Earned, and Owned Media: June 26, 2012 11:00am EDT

benefit you, especially when you understand how they effect your company!

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Why Earned Media is the Future of Marketing

For those of you who do not know what earned media is, I will first need to explain paid media and owned media.

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