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Social Media is about RELATIONSHIPS

Social media is about creating, maintaining and re-vamping relationships. Many people use social media for maintaining relationships with friends, family, and co-workers. But for brands, the most important relationship is with the customer.

This is where Social CRM comes into play. A relationship cannot exist without two-way communication. Successful brands communicate effectively with their customers while allowing and encouraging customers to communicate back to them.

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MavenSocial – Innovation

Here we are talking about how important innovation is to not only our business, but to the businesses we work with as well.


Gamification and CRM

Oxford University Press defines gamification as the “application of concepts and techniques from games to other areas of activity.” An example of this is offering reward points for credit card purchases. This type of point system encourages people to interact with a product or brand in exchange for rewards. Many companies do not yet realize the importance of this type of Social CRM. Anything that will give someone some type of reward will bring in more opt-ins. Why? Read more »


The Age of Social Media Analytics

Social analytics are becoming increasingly important for the success of a campaign.  Social media analytics allow companies to track the effectiveness of their campaigns, and more specifically, the channels through which they “get the word out”. Read more »


Identifying the Ying and Yang of Social Media Analytics

External and Internal factors effect the online presence of a brand; this interaction is the Ying and Yang of social media analytics.  Both are needed to for successful analysis of a brand, and subsequently any online campaigns the company runs.  Read more »


How Social Media Can Give You The Best ROI For Your Business

It’s no secret that when a business is looking to employ a new marketing strategy, or even re-vamp their existing one, what they are really looking for is what is going to give them the maximum amount of positive publicity for their marketing dollar.

In a world where competition between rival businesses is so incredibly high, it can be extremely difficult to gain that competitive edge and maintain a stable and growing marketing plan without breaking the bank. Read more


The Power of Communication

About a month ago I was walking past one of the stores at my local mall when I saw a jacket that I fell in love with immediately. I was in need of a new spring jacket and had only heard great reviews about this brand so I immediately went in and impulsively bought this amazing (and very expensive) jacket. Read more »


How Businesses are Using Pinterest as a Promotional Tool

Pinterest is no longer just regular people posting their likes and dislikes. With the growing popularity of Pinterest, it’s no wonder why businesses are now using the virtual pinboard as a way to promote their brand. People are now not only following their friends but specific brands as well.

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