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August 22, 2012

Multi-Tasking and the Way Online Marketing is Changing

by MavenSocial

Most times, when people are on Facebook, they are also on Twitter, Slacker Radio, Pinterest, Etsy and various other websites. Has technology made them extremely good at taking in tons of information at once, or do people now lack focus and only give things their partial attention?

One thing’s for sure; people don’t read entire pages anymore. They skim over the information, focusing on only the most important and relevant information. They do this to save time and then move on to the next article or piece of information.

As a brand you really need to stand out when marketing yourself online. You need to capture and keep the attention of your viewers. If someone is only going to be scanning the page quickly, you need to capture that person’s attention and hold it. You want to get that person back to your website, liking your page, or following you; better yet, all three.

A good way to get noticed is by online sharing. If friends or family of someone is sharing or liking something on Facebook, that individual has a good chance of seeing it and paying attention. The goal is to get as many shares as possible.

Because of the integration of many other applications with Facebook, it is even easier to share your content. You can choose to put up an image on Pinterest, tweet something with Twitter or write a blog article, while sharing it with everyone on Facebook.

You can also run campaigns such as share and wins, sampling, quizzes, challenges and competitions to get yourself noticed online.

If you need help getting started with getting noticed online visit for more information.

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