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About MavenSocial

Stay in touch with Maven Social and keep up-to-date on the latest social media news.  We take a particular interest in Brand Influencers and creating lasting Social Lift.  If you would like to know what we are up to when not informing and inspiring our lovely readers in the blogosphere, read below!

Our website:

In a nutshell:

Maven Social tracks conversions through our Social Analytics, helping you identify your social media influencers, and increase


social lift. Track social campaigns and Facebook Apps for increased conversion rates!

If you’d like to learn more, well…

Maven Social allows you determine who your Brand Influencers are, which is a powerful asset since 83% of people trust the advice of someone they know, as opposed to 13% of advertisers!  We are able to determine what influencer has the most impact (the top social maven).

Social Lift is generated from a Social Media Marketing campaign where sharing, Facebook referrals, or organic free visits far exceed the original spend for paid media.

Create Sharing Campaigns with Maven Social!  As a result of people trusting the advice of a friend over a brand or advertisement, through the use of social media we can increase the response of any campaign by over 100%!  Our sharing campaigns run 2-3 generations, and often continue building impressions long after the initial campaign is launched.

With over 44% of online sharing occurring on Facebook, it is fast becoming one of the smartest areas to spread brand awareness and create meaningful interactions with your customers.  With our Facebook App, you can launch area and language specific local and global Facebook pages.  User-generated contest template creation allows for content rich collaboration.  Increase contestant share rate with share-specific contest management, creating Social Media Lift!

Our website:

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