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Social Media – A Catalyst for Change

Last week I downloaded the book We First by Simon Mainwaring, and have been inspired by his writing! Mainwaring talks about the current Capitalist system, and how it is an archaic, eroding system.  This system must be changed, according to Mainwaring, if we are to learn from the lessons that the “Great Recession” has tried to teach us about the shortcomings of North American Capitalism.  Basically, “We First” is the opposite of the Capitalist “Me First” mentality.  Where I find Mainwaring’s philosophy interesting is the intersection of a new economic and fiscally responsible governing system, and the power of social media to help enact this change.

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Philanthropy and the Social Media Savvy Company

Traditionally the expectation of corporations to have a responsibility towards its employees and community has been focused around “doing the right thing” and creating considerable change.  Within the business sector, this act of giving back is commonly referred to “Corporate Social Responsibility”. With a myriad of companies still recovering from unstable economic circumstances, many companies are withdrawing their previous yearly contributions.

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