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We asked, you answered. What is a Social Media Influencer?

What is a social media influencer? How can they help your brand?


The World’s “First Social Olympics” Have Gone Viral

If social media wasn’t a global phenomenon before, it can now successfully add that to its credentials. The London 2012 Olympics are now more than halfway through and for a games that was widely heralded as the “world’s first social games”, it has definitely not disappointed.

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Are You a Social Media Guru?


Answer our quiz questions to find out if you are a Social Media Guru. Compete against your friends to win an 11″ Macbook Air. Click HERE to enter the contest.


MavenSocial – Innovation

Here we are talking about how important innovation is to not only our business, but to the businesses we work with as well.


How Social Media Can Give You The Best ROI For Your Business

It’s no secret that when a business is looking to employ a new marketing strategy, or even re-vamp their existing one, what they are really looking for is what is going to give them the maximum amount of positive publicity for their marketing dollar.

In a world where competition between rival businesses is so incredibly high, it can be extremely difficult to gain that competitive edge and maintain a stable and growing marketing plan without breaking the bank. Read more


The Power of Communication

About a month ago I was walking past one of the stores at my local mall when I saw a jacket that I fell in love with immediately. I was in need of a new spring jacket and had only heard great reviews about this brand so I immediately went in and impulsively bought this amazing (and very expensive) jacket. Read more »


How Businesses are Using Pinterest as a Promotional Tool

Pinterest is no longer just regular people posting their likes and dislikes. With the growing popularity of Pinterest, it’s no wonder why businesses are now using the virtual pinboard as a way to promote their brand. People are now not only following their friends but specific brands as well.

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The Social Side of ROI

When a company invests in something to help promote business, whether it is an advertisement, coupons, contests, or any other form of self-promotion, it is in the company’s best interest to understand which promotion works best. Read more »