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Posts from the ‘Social Media Analytics’ Category


The Age of Social Media Analytics

Social analytics are becoming increasingly important for the success of a campaign.  Social media analytics allow companies to track the effectiveness of their campaigns, and more specifically, the channels through which they “get the word out”. Read more »


Identifying the Ying and Yang of Social Media Analytics

External and Internal factors effect the online presence of a brand; this interaction is the Ying and Yang of social media analytics.  Both are needed to for successful analysis of a brand, and subsequently any online campaigns the company runs.  Read more »


How Social Media Can Give You The Best ROI For Your Business

It’s no secret that when a business is looking to employ a new marketing strategy, or even re-vamp their existing one, what they are really looking for is what is going to give them the maximum amount of positive publicity for their marketing dollar.

In a world where competition between rival businesses is so incredibly high, it can be extremely difficult to gain that competitive edge and maintain a stable and growing marketing plan without breaking the bank. Read more