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The Best Social Media Application For You

You might think that in order to reach your marketing goals you should be using every single social media application to your advantage. This is not necessarily what you should be doing. Choosing a social media outlet should take a large amount of consideration. You need to choose your application based on what you want to do. If you go full steam ahead and spend all of your time marketing on various different social media sites, you could waste a lot of time and money.

Corporate Blogging – the Way to Spread Word-of-Mouth (and other musings)?

I’m back.  It’s been a little while (read: one and half weeks), but I am now back on the bandwagon.  Life has been crazy busy, but that is no excuse for leaving you, my friends, without me!  As I jump back into things, I can’t help but ask myself  “is Corporate Blogging the Way to Spread Word-of-Mouth?”

It’s time to do a little soul searching, is corporate blogging the way to go?  Now, I might enjoy blogging, writing out my thoughts on the industry I work in, but is it actually helping our company?

In 2009, only 81 of Fortune 500 companies had blogs, but in 2012, two-thirds of the US Internet population (67%) are reading


blogs at least once a month.  If blogs have such a large following, why are companies slow to start their own? Companies have the perception that if given the chance, customers will generate negative content about the brand on its blog, creating another area for people to post negative things about the brand (whether warranted or not).  Considering this, I have provided a few “industry standards” for writing a company blog.

Time Commitment

When writing a blog, you must know that it is a time commitment.  This is not just something that you can do “every blue moon”.  Whoever is writing for your blog should have that social media fire burning in their belly.  If the passion is not there, the writing is not there (read: they potential company blogger should be jumping up and down shouting “pick me, pick me!”).


 Guest Bloggers

There’s nothing like a few good guest bloggers to spice things up!  Have guest bloggers on to write on their area of expertise.  With guest bloggers, you are bringing multiple, unbiased viewpoints to a topic.  Or even start a series, where you and your guest bloggers write articles on a specific topic, expressing varying viewpoints.  This can create award-winning banter that is hard to ignore.

 Forget 24/7 Marketing

One of the largest concerns with corporate blogging is that the blog is only there to push the company’s product or service.  Mix it up!  Let your personality shine! Write articles for the love of writing and the industry you’re in.  If you only write articles that push your company, people will see your opinions as highly biased, and your credibility will suffer for it.  Instead of always thinking W.I.I.F.M. (What’s In It For Me), try to connect with the industry and your readers.

Spread the News

Good news is spreadable (like a good peanut butter).  People love to hear about exciting new technologies and ways to make their lives and businesses more effective (and profitable).  Go ahead, share your company case studies with your blog readers, tell them about your latest technological triumph – but be approachable.  Answer questions, and take criticism with grace; get out there and show them how awesome you and your product is!

Overall, it’s about the love of what you do.  For managers and bosses, make sure that you are hiring people that are passionate about what you are doing.  Iron sharpens iron.  The more passion, discussion, and innovation there is at work, the more likely it is to shine through in how you serve your clients, which makes a great company blog.