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MavenSocial – Innovation

Here we are talking about how important innovation is to not only our business, but to the businesses we work with as well.


Social Media Analytics with MavenSocial

What are social media analytics?  How can they help your company reach your consumers and disseminate positive brand awareness?  Read more »


The Power of Social Media Influencers

Have you ever let a bad movie review persuade you not to go see a certain movie? Or maybe it was the other way around. Maybe you had no interest in a movie but you ended up seeing it anyway because the good reviews were through the roof. You may not have known it but you were making choices based on the opinions of social media influencers. The same thing goes for whether or not to go to a specific store or buy a certain product. Social media influencers get names and information noticed, sometimes good and sometimes bad. In simpler terms, social media influence is an individual’s ability to affect other peoples thinking in an online social community.

How to Extend Your Company’s Sales Cycle

Ever wondered how to extend your business’ sales cycle?  Once people buy your product or service, it can be a one-time deal, and you are left sending emails, or direct mail reminders to entice people to reconnect.  While this strategy is well and good, there are betters ways to connect with people and keep your name on the tip of their tongue.

Community Engagement:

Community engagement is key to creating a longer sales cycle, and disseminating brand awareness.  While one person has a certain amount of disposable income to spend on your product or service, a family can bring in more revenue, while connecting with the community-at-large has even greater revenue potential.  It comes down to basic sociology, humans are social beings, and like to be part of a group of like-minded individuals.  This group influences a person’s dietary choices, form of dress, past-times, and interests, etc.

It's all about the community!

Brand Influencers – The Sweet Spot:

Brand Influencers are crucial to reaching the community because they drive interactions.  Connecting with these people is paramount, because behind them is an uncle, aunt, mother, sister, daughter, brother, fifth cousin – twice removed….you get the point!

When you want to buy a car, a house, or the latest tech gadget, is there someone that automatically comes to mind?  Well, this person is a brand influencer – they influence your purchasing decisions on certain products.

These brand influencers, or as we like to call them, “Mavens”, create a word-of-mouth sensation, because 83% of consumers trust the opinion of a family member or friend over a brand, or advertisement.  These Mavens have already formed a relationship of trust and loyalty with you (or you wouldn’t be asking for their opinion), making them very powerful allies.

The Game Plan:

Why not offer coupons or deals on products or services related to your niche market?  If you are in the landscaping business, team up with a nursery and provide coupons on Spring flowers, or mulch (every garden needs fresh mulch!).  It’s all about creating a lasting experience for your consumers; plus, everyone likes a quality deal!

Or, if you are in the concert business, talk to local shop owners, pubs, and restaurants.  Create deals for your concertgoers, where they can receive 20% off their meal, or a free dessert.  After the concert, attendees can extend the experience by receiving deals on concert “swag”, or head to the nearest pub for a group deal on drinks for the whole gang.

Overall, connect with a community’s influencers, and the rest will follow.  It’s about creating an experience that can be shared with others.

There are endless ways to extend your businesses lifecycle.  We’d love to hear how your strategy worked for you!