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Why Foursquare Is Important For Your Business

Foursquare is one of the latest social media networking sites available to mobile phone users and also one of the most valuable resources that a business jumping on the social media bandwagon can have. Foursquare allows users to check-in to the locations and venues they visit during the day and share this information with friends and their networks. Now why is this important for your business?

Simple. There is no better way of spreading the word about your business than word-of-mouth.

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2012: The Year of the Mobile Phone Part 2: Third World Countries & the Mobile Device

Third world countries borders are being opened by the use of mobile devices and the Internet.  Many people may not have shoes on their feet, but you could probably find them toting a Smartphone to and fro. Why?  It’s a connection to the outside world, helping them stay connected across vast expanses.  Mobile phones have also become a smart way to transfer money from one person to another.  Read more »


2012: The Year of the Mobile Phone Part 1: Mobile Phones Overtake the PC as the Most Popular way to Surf the Web

Mobile is quickly taking over the web surfing sphere, supporting e-commerce, and innovative technologies that are having an impact on the dissemination of brand and product awareness for companies.

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