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2012: The Year of the Mobile Phone Part 2: Third World Countries & the Mobile Device

Third world countries borders are being opened by the use of mobile devices and the Internet.  Many people may not have shoes on their feet, but you could probably find them toting a Smartphone to and fro. Why?  It’s a connection to the outside world, helping them stay connected across vast expanses.  Mobile phones have also become a smart way to transfer money from one person to another.  Read more »


New Years Resolution: The Importance of Customer Engagement through Social Media

Listen to Your Customers

Social media is an excellent vehicle for engaging customers in the short and long term.  Equally important is the ability to actively listen to customers.

I recently read an article on the Four Seasons about engaging customers through social media.  Elizabeth Pizzinato, VP Brand Communications for Four Seasons explained how social media engagement works for them.  Pizzinato explains “We knew we were on to something back in 2009 from an experience in Santa Barbra, CA.  A blogger was staying at the property and tweeted that the music for the turndown services was ‘more appropriate for a funeral or a beheading.’  The property picked up the tweet, and the next day sent up an amenity for the inconvenience, as well as a list of stations with more ‘appropriate’ music.   The blogger

Let your News Year Resolution be about engaging your customers through social media!

responded with ‘major props to 4 seasons for hearing my request. Meant in jest but kudos for picking it up.’ Light bulbs went off from there.”

Company Facebook or Google+ Pages are also a great place for customers to look for help, share their comments, and suggestions, and connect with the company.  I recently read a study from IBM, From Stretched to Strengthened – Insights from the Global Chief Marketing Officer Study. The study interviewed over 1,700 IBM Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), spanning 19 industries and 64 countries.  In this study they shared that people engage on company social media pages not necessarily to “connect” with the company, rather, they engage in the pursuit of free goodies.

What’s better than engaging with your customers, or potential customers than with an edutainment (education + entertainment ) contest that engages people, disseminates brand awareness and product benefits, all while vying for an amazing prize?  Companies sometimes overlook the power of human’s self-serving nature – it’s not always a bad trait!

Customer Communication

 Customer’s will communicate the way they feel most comfortable.  Social media is about being social.  Many companies fail to realize the importance of simply being social!  The adjective definition of social: “Willing to talk and engage in activities with other people; friendly.” It’s all about the conversation – so get chatting!

If you would like to join and perhaps influence the conversation, it is important that you meet customers on their terms.   With 216,397,060 people in North America on Facebook alone, businesses serious about engaging their customers truly need to go to where the people are, and this includes social media sites like Facebook.  Social media outlets are the place to start relating to your customers.

Heading into 2012, customer social media engagement will continue to be an important part of every marketing strategy.

For engaging customers, MavenSocial does three things very well: creating social lift on social media campaigns, creating sharing campaigns, and utilizing our Facebook application to effectively reach current and potential customers.