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Introducing MavenSocial’s Social Media Minute

We’ve been busy-bees at MavenSocial this past Summer!  We have started MavenSocial’s Social Media Minute, where we give you a quick update on what’s happening in the social media industry every week.

It’s quick, fun, and informative!

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MavenSocial Influence Platform

MavenSocial has a rich social media platform.  Below, we explain an area of our expertise –

Analytics for Influencers: Measure Growth for Earned Media.


Throughout the document we discuss how MavenSocial can identify your brand’s social media influencers, while increasing engagement, increasing your company’s earned media, social ROI, as well as the importance of social CRM for your company.  It’s about driving real results for your company, while providing deep insights into who your customers are, and which ones actually influence brand perception! Read more


Are You a Social Media Guru?


Answer our quiz questions to find out if you are a Social Media Guru. Compete against your friends to win an 11″ Macbook Air. Click HERE to enter the contest.


Social Media is about RELATIONSHIPS

Social media is about creating, maintaining and re-vamping relationships. Many people use social media for maintaining relationships with friends, family, and co-workers. But for brands, the most important relationship is with the customer.

This is where Social CRM comes into play. A relationship cannot exist without two-way communication. Successful brands communicate effectively with their customers while allowing and encouraging customers to communicate back to them.

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MavenSocial – Innovation

Here we are talking about how important innovation is to not only our business, but to the businesses we work with as well.


Gamification and CRM

Oxford University Press defines gamification as the “application of concepts and techniques from games to other areas of activity.” An example of this is offering reward points for credit card purchases. This type of point system encourages people to interact with a product or brand in exchange for rewards. Many companies do not yet realize the importance of this type of Social CRM. Anything that will give someone some type of reward will bring in more opt-ins. Why? Read more »