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Social Media Mavens – How Women are Dominating the Social Media Scene

Not only is it imperative that companies identify their social media influencers, it is also important that they understand them.  How do the people that affect the life of a company’s campaign make decisions, and interact with others?  What are they looking for from companies?

Women are Social Media Mavens, and are crucial to the success of every campaign.

 What are social media influencers?

{The 20% of your customers who actually bring 80% of the responders to every marketing program!}

Influencers are a part of everyday life, including your social media marketing campaigns – it’s your choice to identify & engage them…or not…

Women have become the most prolific of these social media influencers, and represent 85% of all consumer purchases.  Key social

network membership is comprised of 63% women, while women pass on an average of 83 word of mouth conversations about brands/products each week.

How Women Work

Sorry men, women are still from Venus, while you are still resolutely claiming your stake in Mars, which means the genders are still very different – but this doesn’t stop us from observing patterns of behavior and letting the numbers speak for themselves!

Women are also greatly influenced by word of mouth in purchase decisions more profoundly than men (53% vs. 45%).   Think about it.  Women create close ties with other women, building social bonds that last through high school, university, marriage, child rearing, and retirement.

Relationships are extremely important to women, as they try to connect with their peers throughout the stages of life.  Weekly coffee sessions, or children’s soccer practice provides the arena for women to share their lives with others.

Marketers must realize that word-of-mouth, both in-person, and through social media, increases conversions in any campaign.  Just last night I found an online email opt-in campaign for a free sample of a hand and body cream, which is shipped straight to my front door. When I meet my friends tonight, I will definitely be telling them over lattes what sweet-smelling cream I’ll soon be

Women are Key Social Media Influencers (Mavens) to Many Campaigns.

sampling, and where they can sign-up for it as well – before it’s too late!

Through this simple share I will most likely increase social lift on the marketer’s campaign, because I am bringing in additional attendees – for FREE!  There was no media spend that enticed my friends to opt-in to the sampling campaign – oh the power of word-of-mouth!

In essence “…globally, women control nearly $12 trillion of the overall $184 trillion in consumer spending. By 2014, women will control $15 trillion.”   Marketers are just beginning to understand the significance of women in social media marketing campaigns.  They’ll be there, influencing the outcome of your campaign, its up to you whether or not you identify and channel that influence effectively.


Women – The New Titans of Brand Influence

Women continue to gain strength as they become prominent social media influencers both online and offline. Due to the ‘double shift’, women are affording less time and patience for companies toting jazzy gimmicks and inflated results. Instead, there has been a shift towards social media sharing, where busy women can interact online with their peers. This interconnected forum is a utopia of information for companies who want to interact with their most vocal consumers. Tapping into the female market can be difficult; the first step to understanding your brand influencers is to identifying how they think.

Women are tough cookie, brand mavens!

Women Collaborate, Men Eliminate:

As a result of women’s climbing influence on brand dissemination, it is important to understand their decision making process, and the differences between the two genders. Women collaborate, men eliminate.[i] An article posted in the New Yorker explains that “women talk about brands they like, with a full 96% recommending products they like to others. This is an audience that every brand needs to connect with. If marketing to women isn’t already a priority for your brand, it should be”.[ii]

When making a decision, women tend to consider various viewpoints, collecting a multitude of pieces to the puzzle. Once all the pieces are found, a conclusion is made (both positive and negative). Think of it as a spider web. The initial idea or product is in the centre, with the various permutations, worries and queries spiking out in a wide circle, forming a web of connections and ideas, all beginning from a central idea.  It may take women longer to make a decision, but once they do, it is a well-thought out one indeed.

A Woman’s thought process mirrors an Influencer’s Interactions?

Women tend to multi-track, building layer upon layer of information in order to form a coherent picture from which to form a decision. This is the same way that a social media influencer works. They disseminate the information on a brand or product to others, who then pass it on to people in the network. These networks gain strength, as sharing continues.  Sharing is not only seen as a way to pass on the information to others, but also a way to establish close relationships. Social influencers are crucial to the success of a brand, because people are more likely to trust information they receive from a friend. Both men and women feel safer with people they know; which is why they actively seek support from their social network.[iii]

What’s in it For You?

Understanding who your social media influencers are, and how they process the information you offer them, will allow you to actively engage your primary social media influencers. Through this understanding, you have the opportunity to enhance the resiliency of your product through viral sharing among multiple platforms. Women have become the most prolific of these social media influencers. They represent 85% of all consumer purchases, comprise 63% of key social network membership, pass an average of 83 word of mouth conversations about brands/products each week, and are influenced by word of mouth in purchase decisions more profoundly than men (53% vs. 45%).[iv] Utilizing women’s desire to connect and share with their peers, you have the opportunity to directly connect and engage your market.

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